Monday, December 10, 2018

Construction on the groundbreaking station started on November 19, 1998, and continued until 2011, floating through space as one of mankind’s proudest endeavours to date.

However, it has been the subject of all kinds of conspiracies and cover-ups as we step ever closer to answering the age-old question: Do aliens exist?

To celebrate the International Space Station’s birthday, here are some of the most suspicious ISS moments to date.

This September, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a strange glowing object just metres away from the famous space station.

In the footage, the object seems to be “slowing circling” the ISS, leading many to believe there was something more to the eerie sight.

While some believed the object was a UFO stalking the station, others believe they had accidentally witnessed a secret NASA project.

One horrified viewer wrote: “NASA needs to tell the truth about these sightings” and another deemed the footage a “very strange find”.

UP IN THE AIR: The ISS has been in orbit for 20 years (Pic: GETTY)

Further accusations of a cover-up emerged after an “alien spacecraft” was spotted on the ISS live feeds.

The video showed a strange grey anomaly appearing to float above Earth.

Although some believed the strange object was a cloud, others were convinced the footage showed a giant spacecraft.

A shocked viewer wrote: “The craft has 90 degree sharp angles and looks to be intelligently designed.”

Another claimed: “NASA is lying to us.”

But even more controversy emerged last month after space enthusiasts found another mysterious object moving across their screens, via the ISS live feed.

The anomaly appeared as a large white square on the feed, leading some to believe it had been blurred on purpose by NASA.

One claimed: “Looks like NASA blocked out the real object.”

Another added: “NASA is censoring the truth.”

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