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Having a consistent presence on the internet is one of the most important things you can do for your small business.

It is not enough to be found. You need to present a professional online front for your business that is consistent, clear and helpful to your website visitors.

Having clear Directory listings for a Small Business are one of the best ways you can tell Australian search users that you mean business.

A consistent presence across high ranking directory sites will:

Improve brand awareness
Boost search engine ranking
Increase traffic to your website
If you are eager to see your small business grow online, you need to be found.

You need to present clear, consistent messages to your site users and potential customers. Brand awareness is very important these days if you are going to compete online against major companies.

The best directory listings are those with a high Domain Authority, and local to your own business (In this case Australian local directories) is one of the most effective ways to level the playing field for small business.

Submitting your business to the best free local Australian directories not only helps people find you but these quality Australian Directories will also allow you to place a link on their site which will boost your search engine traffic.

Local search directories also provide some limited but important search engine optimisation for small business. High ranking Australian local directory websites are crawled regularly by Googles bots.

This means your listing is likely to be picked up very quickly.

Often called “Local Citations”, these directory listings allow you to present a consistent NP (Name, address and phone number) across all sites.

This is something that Google considers when ranking a small business. The key is consistency.

Every local business that wants to increase brand awareness and gain some authority and boost in Google search engine should place their small business on the most relevant and authoritative directories available in their local area.

The Global and Australian Rank is based on Metrics from Similar Web.

Here are the Best 10 Australian Local Business Directory Listings which you can obtain for free online.

Each of these listings has a high domain authority and good traffic from the major search engines.

They are capable of:

Improving brand awareness
Boosting traffic almost instantly
Building valuable backlinks to your website
Improving your small business reputation
Best of all, these business directory listings are free.

We recommend completing as many directory listings as you can for your business, provided they are relevant to your industry.

10 Best Free Australian Business Directory Listings
1. Local Search
Global Rank: 111,324
Australian Rank: 1,857
Estimated Monthly Visits: 417.9K
Domain Authority: 51

Local search is ideal for local suburb and state-based industry. They tend to highlight businesses such as trade, plumbers, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, travel agents, hotels and beauty salons.

They offer a do follow links to your business website as well as service quote and email facilities in their listings.

2. Yellow Pages
Global Rank: 17,078
Australian Rank: 220
Estimated Monthly Visits: 3.4M
Domain Authority: 83

Yellow Pages has been around for a long time and is one of the most authoritative Australian Business Directory listings online.

The listings are clean and easy to read and offer a link to a website, your email service and a direct bind to your telephone number.

3. Pure Local
Global Rank: 1,651,544
Australian Rank: 472
Estimated Monthly Visits: 75.5K
Domain Authority: 50

Pure Local is a clean, easy to navigate Australian business directory. Many listings are already loaded and just waiting to be claimed. The site enables quick set-up and listing in several categories.

Technically, this is a paid directory, however, if you ask me, I can get you a premium listing for free.

The Premium listings and business listings come with excellent social media integration, social widgets and rich media to make your listing stand out and encourage users to take action.

The Pure Local listings allow easy sharing, reviews and map listing service as standard so your business can be contacted and found easily.

4. Yelp Australia
Global Rank: 39,276
Australian Rank: 615
Estimated Monthly Visits: 1M
Domain Authority: 62

Yelp is a powerful online search directory for small business, trade services, and professional business online. The directory list listings are feature-rich, and Google has been known to use their customer reviews in its ranking algorithm.

The directory listings include Google Map searches, direct website and telephone links.

5. Hot Frog Australia
Global Rank: 247,949
Australian Rank: 6,306
Estimated Monthly Visits: 148.1K
Domain Authority: 53

Hotfrog Australia was one of the first Internet directory listings for Australian businesses that allow them to put in portfolios and additional content into each listing.

Hotfrog allowed rich media, a link to your website as well as the availability of products and services. Their listings also include product reviews.

6. Star Local
Global Rank: 221,538
Australian Rank: 4,407
Estimated Monthly Visits: 180K
Domain Authority: 51

Starlocal is an Australian small business free directory listing with a solid rank and monthly site visitors.

A favourite with alternative therapies, professional business, and even government listings. The site allows for comprehensive categories and an about section.

It includes business hours as well as links to email, telephone and the possibility of a dofollow link to your website.

7. Go Guide
Global Rank: 956,251
Australian Rank: 28,516
Estimated Monthly Visits: 150K
Domain Authority: 28

Go Guide is a solid Australian site with plenty of features for small business. The site is clean and easy to navigate and their directory listings include a range of free and paid advertising options.

Listings are Australia wide and cover a large number of industries including Automotive, Funeral Directors, Signwriters and more.

The listings cover all major capitals including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin and other major centres.

A Platinum subscription will give you a live link back to your site, premium positions in the directory and other advertising and optimised listing options. You will also be able to add multiple locations and services.

8. Aussie Web
Global Rank: 268,246
Australian Rank: 5,609
Estimated Monthly Visits: 136K
Domain Authority: 43

Aussieweb has been a reliable directory for small businesses for a number of years. They have grown consistently over that time and appear regularly in Google search engine results.

They are considered by many to be Australia’s best free local search directory. Categories include finance and insurance, education, training, entertainment, legal services, weddings, and entertainment as well as professional industry.

9. True Local
Global Rank: 34,447
Australian Rank: 472
Estimated Monthly Visits: 1.7M
Domain Authority: 66

True local is great for cafes, restaurants, mechanics and trade services. They also cater for professional businesses in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Canberra, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

The listing service enables customer reviews which is also an important part of ranking well in Google. There is plenty of scope for detail for each service listing.

10. Local Business Guide
Global Rank: 574,709
Australian Rank: 16,850
Estimated Monthly Visits: 31K
Domain Authority: 37

The local business guide is great for regional Australia and covers cities including Tamworth, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mackay, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Launceston and other major cities.

You can list your business for free and post product and service listings.

You can even post a press release or article on the site which are also free for Australian business.

If you want Mallee Blue Media to do the legwork for you, we also offer a Small Business Directory Listing Service. The service ensures consistency and professional branding across Australian Online Business Directories.


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